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Business Development

Harney County has incredible resources for developing a business of whatever size or type.  Traditionally, business in this area has been directed toward agriculture, timber or other natural resource based development.  Rich in natural resources and sustainable energy alternatives, the area is a prime location for agricultural production utilizing innovative agri-business technology.

Looking towards non-traditional opportunities, Harney County is in full swing with the most current technology in place to make the most of broadband communications.  This area is the perfect location to base a call center, high tech business or manufacturing plant, and take full advantage of the high quality of life available.  More and more, businesses in this area are utilizing the Information Revolution with broadband communications making businesses more profitable.  It has always has been said when developing an "on the ground" business enterprise one of the most important features is "location, location, location".  In this age of high-speed communications the term may be "speed, need and lead".  Or in other words, how fast or what is the speed of the connection and delivery of products/services to the customer, what is the need the product/service has to the customer and who has taken the lead in the market?    Whatever the case, whatever sort of business you may be developing or expanding, Harney County is one of the best places to locate.  The resources listed below can be a tremendous assistance.

Looking to Start a Business?

Harney County's Business Development Coordinator, Randy Fulton, can be contacted and used as a resource to help start, expand and relocate businesses in this area.  Even with all of the information available online, there will be times when discussing ideas and plans with someone who is networked in the business world can help move those ideas forward and make it all work.    Contact Randy Fulton, Harney County's Business Development Coordinator, today and take advantage of his expertise and this service provided by Harney County.  His office is located within the Harney County Chamber of Commerce offices.

Take a Business Class!

Randy Fulton provides business classes for anyone needing assistance.  These classes are given as needed and can be scheduled with Mr. Fulton.  Learn how to write a business plan, apply for funding, etc. This can help any business and is provided through these classes.  Materials are provided for a nominal cost of $25.00.

A Great Resource!!

Are you an entrepreneur at heart or have a great idea to develop?  Before you do anything read through the Oregon Business Guide and the checklist for new businesses.  If you need financing, it may be possible to get financing through the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department via their Entrepreneur Loan Program to assist new businesses to start-up.  One of the first steps is to create an approved and well thought-out business plan.  A business plan can be generated through the help of  the Eastern Oregon Small Business Center.  The process of creating a business plan will help you make your idea and adventure a success.

Starting a business in Harney County may require a business license or an Assumed Business Name.  Below are pertinent links to starting this process.